An Integrative Approach to Community Development
Goals and Objectives

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The overall goal is to provide some introductory learning experiences that combine traditional academic undergraduate coursework with service learning projects designed to put knowledge into action using an integrative, systems perspective to community development.

1. Community development volunteers are reflective practitioners who understand their strengths and interests and use those to help themselves and others lead better lives.

2. Community development volunteers are knowledgeable thinkers who can gather and organize information from a variety of sources and communicate what they know.

3. Community development volunteers are emotionally sensitive to their own and others emotions, can display and self-regulate their emotions for a specific context, and can systematically engage in developing positive emotions for themselves and others.

4. Community development volunteers can identify specific needs at different levels (i.e., personal, family, institutions, neighborhood, and community), develop action plans appropriate to meet those needs, and implement those plans.

5. Community development volunteers know the value of proper exercise and diet and implement that knowledge in preparing themselves for community action.

6. Community development volunteers have deep personal relationships with self, others, nature, and universal unknowns and use their knowledge and skills for personally meaningful and purposeful actions.

7. Community development volunteers are interpersonally sensitive and skilled and can function in small and large groups in a variety of situations.

8. Community development volunteers are morally and ethically sensitive and motivated, make sound judgments and act in a moral and ethical manner.

9. Community development volunteers see themselves as citizens who have connections and can operate and the local, regional, and global levels.  They see themselves as having a relationship to the cosmos that makes them cosmic citizens with rights and responsibilities to engage at multiple levels of society for the betterment of themselves and all of humanity.

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