Marriage and Family
Bahá’í Writings

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I. Introduction

II.  Introduction

The Family Is The Foundation For World Unity

Marriage is a Law of God

Science and Religion Provide The Standard For Investigation

III. Types of Families

The Family Extends Over Centuries

All Of Humankind Is A Single Family

IV. Mate Selection and Commitment

    Become Thoroughly Acquainted With Character of Other Before Marriage

    Bond Between Spouses Should Be Based Upon Harmony And Love

Marriage Pledge

Consent of Parents Required

V. Sexuality and Gender Roles

Legitimate Expression of The Sex Instinct Is Between Lawfully Married Persons

Equality of Women and Men

VI. Fertility and Parenting

The Home Should Be A Centre For The Diffusion Of The Light Of Divine Guidance

Children Must Be Educated

Education Of Girl Children Is Most Important

Children Must Be Taught The Oneness Of God And The Laws Of God

Parents Must Counsel Their Children Over A Long Period

Children Must Show Respect For One's Parents And Their Rights

Consideration Of Family Is Sign Of Development

VII. Family Relationships

The Family Must Exhibit Unity And Brotherhood

The Basis For Bonds Among Family Members Should Be The Love Of God

Make The Collective Life Of The Family A Spiritual Reality

The Home Should Be A Place Of Peace, Joy And Laughter

VIII. Marriage, Work and Economics

The Importance of Work

Homemaking Is An Honorable Profession

Responsibilities of Women and Men In A Family

Wealth Should Be Expended On Self, Family And Poor

IX. Dissolution of Marriages

X. Marriage and Family Strengths and Needs

Pray For Parents And Ask Forgiveness For Them

Marriage Is a Natural and Rightful Way of Life

Make Home a Place of Peace, Joy, and Delight

Benefits of Family Unity

The Family and the Future

Compilation on Preserving Bahá’í Marriages: Compiled by the Research Department of the Universal House of Justice

Family Life: Compiled by the Universal House of Justice

Becoming a Brilliant Star: Family Development: Compilation developed by W. Huitt

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